Lessons From Malawi

I like to think:

That I am less ignorant now than I was two years ago.

That I know what it’s like to live with less–to live without these things we think we need–and that happiness in its essence comes from material lightness and a richness of spirit. I know, also, that to be able to recognize this is a sign of my privilege.

That I understand that I can apologize all I want for the privilege that comes with my skin color, but it won’t change the inequality that exists in the world.

That in order to really learn, we must sit back and observe without judgement.

That I am wiser because I’ve made an effort to be.

That I have so much more to learn.

I want to know:

Why the word ‘azungu’ made me so angry.

If the negative perception of white people will ever change in Africa (and will white people do something to change this?).

If I am allowed to talk about race.

If I will ever wake up to the same kind of bird cacophony again anywhere else.


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